We offer a wide variety of plumbing services

We provide plumbing maintenance on:
  • Hot water units
  • Blocked drains (sewer, stormwater and septic tanks)
  • Blocked sinks toilets and fixtures
  • Toilet and tap replacements
  • Sewer, stormwater and septic tank repairs and renewals
  • Burst pipes (internal and external)
  • Water damage (leaking showers and roof leaks)
  • Pressure testing to water lines
  • Gas leaks pressure testing and pinpoint locating
  • Gas appliance testing, servicing and replacements
Blocked drains are more than just a minor inconvenience. They can lead to some major longterm issues, including flooding into your home or permanent damage to your home’s foundations. They can be caused by something as minor as hair and soap scum build up in sink waste pipes, or as major as tree root infestations or fatty deposit blockages affecting your entire sewerage system. Blockages in household pipes need to be cleared promptly, as they stop wastewater from leaving your property. Sinks or toilets that drain away slowly could be the first signs of blockage. Tree roots and dislodgement of drains do not only affect sewer drains, but can also be problematic to your stormwater system. Our qualified specialists have the knowledge and specialised equipment to diagnose and deal with your blockages. We also clear storm water blockages. If you think there is a blockage at your property, please give us a call as soon as possible on 0419 566 111.
Having issues with your hot water? You may have no hot water or be running out of hot water. Have you noticed water leaking or a change in the performance of your hot water system? Is your electricity, gas or water bill significantly higher than usual? We can assess your current hot water unit and advise you if it is more practical to repair or replace the unit, including the cost associated with each option. Have your hot water requirements changed? Are you looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient or higher capacity hot water system? Our knowledgeable staff are able to assist you in selecting the correct hot water system to suit your individual needs. Our experienced licensed plumbers and gas fitters are trained to repair, service and install a complete range of hot water systems. This includes solar, electric, gas storage, gas and electric continuous flow systems. We also provide gas line size upgrades, if required, to accommodate your new hot water unit or other gas appliances.
Septic tanks are a cost effective septic solution for residential waste water treatment. With low maintenance requirements and often no need for pumps, they’re ideal for remote and rural households. However, the quality of the final liquid waste is poor. Generally you will only be allowed to install one of these if you are on acreage and there are no dams or waterways nearby. If you have a smaller property or land with environmentally sensitive features, you will most likely require a treatment plant. Your local council can advise what type of system you require in accordance with their regulations. Once you have this information, we can advise on which type of tank is best suited to your property. We will take care of delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance of your system. All councils require wastewater treatment systems to have quarterly servicing. So whether your septic tank is installed by us, or is already in use, we can help keep it running.
Gas leaks are dangerous and need to be dealt with quickly and effectively by an experienced professional. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WORK ON GAS YOURSELF. It is not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal, unless you are certified and licensed gas plumber. If you think you have a gas leak please contact us immediately on 0419 566 111. We provide safe, insured and professional gas services on:
  • New gas connections (natural and LPG)
  • Installation of kitchen appliances (ovens and stovetops)
  • Installation of gas heaters and gas log fires
  • Hot water unit conversions from electricity to gas
  • Gas line sizing upgrades to accommodate new gas appliances (if required)
  • Gas leaks pressure testing and pinpoint locating
  • Gas appliance testing, servicing and replacements
  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • All aspects of both natural gas and LPG gas fitting
Home renovations, especially kitchen and bathroom renovations, can become very expensive if they are not planned correctly. We will take the time to discuss your plumbing needs and work with you to design a plumbing system that will run effectively with the architectural parameters of your newly renovated home. We can also supply the most up to date and innovative solutions and products for your home, which are both energy efficient and cost effective. From design to implementation, our experienced team will ensure that the plumbing system of your renovation is completed within budget and time constraints. Services provided include:
  • Water supply relocation
  • Gas supply or upgrade
  • LPG gas supply where natural gas not available
  • Sewer relocation and connections
  • Stormwater drain addition or amendment
  • Agricultural drains
  • Septic tanks and treatment plants upgrades
  • Supply sanitary fixtures if required
  • Fit off sanitary fixtures
  • Fit off gas appliances and dishwashers
If you’re building a new home, there are many plumbing elements that need to be taken care of. The water supply system, drainage system, gas supply and all associated fittings and appliances. When it comes to new construction, expert plumbing needs to be on the top of your priority list, as small mistakes can become very costly to alter or repair in the future. We believe in doing it properly the first time, every time. Whether you are an owner builder of a single dwelling or a builder undertaking a multiple unit development project, we will have every aspect of your plumbing needs taken care of in a timely and cost effective manner. Services provided include:
  • Water supply services, including water tappings
  • Gas supply, including initial connection
  • LPG gas supply where natural gas not available
  • Sewer drains and connections
  • Stormwater drains and design
  • Agricultural drains
  • Septic tanks and treatment plants if required
  • Supply sanitary fixtures if required
  • Fit off sanitary fixtures
  • Fit off gas appliances and dishwashers
From small to large scale excavations required for:
  • Sewer drains
  • Stormwater drains
  • Agricultural drains
  • Water supply services, including water tappings
  • Gas services
  • Septic tanks and treatment plants
  • New homes
Our 1.8 tonne mini excavator is ideal for small to medium projects. It requires less than 1 metre access passage and is perfect for small areas. Our experienced operators will ensure minimal damage to surrounding ground areas, and backfill leaving the area safe for immediate use.