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We sort out blocked drains Newcastle wide

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Blocked drains unfortunately, can often be more serious than they appear. They can lead to flow on effects and issues including flooding of water inside your house, or major damage to the structural integrity of your foundation. A blocked drain could be an enormous problem for an office or home that is busy with day to day life. Across Plumbing offers expert assistance in repairing blockages in drains of Newcastle businesses and residential homes.

Blocked Drains can be caused by something as minor as hair and soap scum build-up in sink waste pipes, or as major as tree root infestations or fatty deposit blockages affecting your entire sewerage system. When the pipework inside your house is blocked it needs to be addressed swiftly. This is because blocked pipes inhibit waste water from exiting your property. Sinks or toilets that drain away slowly or make a gurgling sound could be the first signs of a potential blockage.

Tree roots and dislodgement of drains do not only affect sewer drains but can also be problematic to your stormwater system, resulting in flooding to your home.

The Across Plumbing team utilize the most cutting-edge drain clearing technology to ensure you don't face the same issue again in the future. Making use of the most advanced technology means you can be assured that our staff will be able to locate the problem, then identify and eliminate any blockages quickly.

If you're experiencing a blocked drain, shower, toilet or stormwater drain, we are able to help. We employ a group of certified plumbers with vast experience in clearing drains quickly, letting you get on with your day.

How we fix the problem

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Our qualified specialists have the knowledge and unique equipment to diagnose and deal with any blockage. We use the latest technology and tools to clear, locate and repair your blocked drains. We can unblock your drains using our high-pressure water jetter, or with the use of our electric drain snake depending on the severity of the blockage.

CCTV cameras help us locate and diagnose the cause of your blocked drain without the need to excavate. This enables us to rectify the cause of the blockage immediately and provide you with advice on a permanent and cost-effective solution that is right for your situation. If you think there is a blockage at your Newcastle property, give us a call so we can assess and rectify your drainage problems fast.

No matter if you've got a huge or small blockage, we can help you with blocked drains in Newcastle the same day we receive your call.

Stormwater Drains: These kinds of blockages need to be fixed quickly because the stormwater drain prevents water from nearing your home's foundation. A blocked drain can leak and cause damage to important structures that are required to ensure your home is structurally sound.

Toilets: Symptoms of a toilet that is blocked can include slow draining water or loud gurgling sounds coming from other fixtures in your bathroom. The blockages may build up over time, and identifying the first signs are crucial in catching the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

Showers: The accumulation of hair and other debris can store in the drain of your shower, and slowly block it over time. We have special equipment designed to remove shower drain blockages allowing them to drain promptly and properly again.

Sinks: Many items go through our kitchen sinks. This could be harmful to the condition of drains and pipes since solids and fats are able to build up, which can limit the amount of space that water can flow through. We can clean and unblock your kitchen sink to make sure it stays functional all year.

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