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Hot Water Installation & Repair Newcastle

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Hot Water Repairs Newcastle?

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You may have no hot water or be running out of hot water.

Have you noticed water leaking or a change in the performance of your hot water system? Is your electricity, gas or water bill significantly higher than usual? We can assess your current hot water unit and advise you if it is more practical to repair or replace the unit, including the cost associated with each option.

Hot Water Systems Newcastle

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Are you looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient or higher capacity hot water system at your Newcastle home or business? Our knowledgeable staff are able to assist you in selecting the correct hot water system to suit your individual needs. Our experienced and licensed plumbers and gasfitters are trained to repair, service and install a complete range of hot water systems. This includes solar hot water, gas and electric storage units or instantaneous hot water systems.

We also provide new gas line installations or gas line upgrades, if required, to accommodate your new hot water unit.

For all of your hot water needs in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter region, call Across plumbing.

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